Service of Subpoenas

We service documents only by the use of the Non Centralized authority of the Hague Convention of 1965. Geographically, we only serve Southern Western European countries for the rest of the European community call-us@…………

All our services are completed by multilingual Attorneys at law and local "Judicial officers", completed ASAP (within 10 days): both offering the maximum guarantees of Impartiality, confidentiality and respect for local internal laws of Civil procedure.

We service by the Hague Convention's "Decentralized" or "Alternative" way, either by "International Personal Private Service" or other ways accepted. For prices contact us.

Please note that, the use of the Hague Convention centralized channel is not mandatory for International Service of Process, the convention proposes alternative channels, indeed It is to the Judging jurisdiction and "Lex fori" to determine how they want defendants served, but keeping in mind and respecting all foreign laws of Civil procedure.

"International Personal Private Service of Process" is the best and fastest method available as is guaranteed and eventually cheaper. This way of serving has the same legal value as the centralized and it can use a combination of alternative channels proposed by the Hague Convention of 1965 to support and/or reinforce service of process abroad.

The way "International Service of Process" is completed depends on the Jurisdiction where service is done and your particular requirements (Please contact us for a free legal consultation). Please note that a Court can not accept an "Illegal or Irregular" International Service of Process.

Amongst our services is the "quash" of any irregular or illegal service performed in violation of local laws of Civil procedure where a "Private detective" or a "U.S. Certified Process Servers" acted to service. We can either present our "Legal Opinion" to you Court or directly file a lawsuit in Europe against the "Clandestine" Process server.

Comparing methods, notice that our International Private Service has more advantages such as: Inexistence of possibility of "reject" by the "Central Authority", because there is No "a priori exam of legality" in the receiving jurisdiction. Also, no possible reject or "refusal of service by defendant" because of language of service or documents.

Please note that: The "Hague Convention International treaty" indicates that International service of process nust be free, but in the U.S. you have to pay US$350 to start with, then depending on the country you must serve include the cost of employing a "Judicial Officer", to all of these, add time and cost of translations or Apostilles and the risk of "reject". We're faster, cheaper and reliable!

We can assist you by serving in Southern Western European countries by alternate methods or by combining any channel available to create a "hybrid service" that offers all possible legal guarantees.

Please do not hesitate to Contact us for legal advise or to assist you with International service of process or International depositions in Civil law countries

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Attorney at Law

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