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KWANG OU SHIN (guest) 21 Mar 2011 13:16
in discussion Users / Where can I get some legal help? » Avocat, notaire or solicitor?

dear sir madam i s.korean i arriv paris2years ago04 2008 istayed street 1year and i got stroke down 04 2009i stil stay hospital now but few days ago docortell me i must move hospital i nobody in korea i nobody in france if i move outhospital i will be back to streeti cant back to korea becouse no social service korea no money no hospital no money no eat so i want legal stay france but my conditionis nowi cant standing myself from groundand zero move my left arm ineed help please help me thank you very much sir madam

by KWANG OU SHIN (guest), 21 Mar 2011 13:16

Yes, provided the said representative is duly accredited, but notaires often use their own tax representatives and leave you before a fait accompli!

Does anyone know where I could find a long-term (3 years) lease agreement in English?

French lease agreement by Fabien CordiezFabien Cordiez, 28 Jun 2008 09:48

Fiducie or Trust? Are these the same thing?

French Trusts by Fabien CordiezFabien Cordiez, 27 Jun 2008 09:57

One can choose his/her own tax representative for the purposes of calculating French CGT.

CGT calculations by Fabien CordiezFabien Cordiez, 27 Jun 2008 09:56

Making a French Will is recommended, but often unnecessary.

One must be qualified a "Avocat" or "Notaire" in France to practise French law in France or the UK.

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