Corlegal French Property law

French Law Firm

Corlegal is a niche legal practice regulated by the French Bar Association, offering expert advice on French property, tax and inheritance law to private individuals, firms of solicitors and other professionals.

They provide valuable, efficient and professional service through specialist knowledge in French property and inheritance law.

The firm ensures that all transactions involving French assets are completed as smoothly as possible. As specialists in French property, Corlegal take away the frustrations of having to deal with an unfamiliar foreign legal system, speeding up the process to a satisfactory conclusion.

Whether it is the purchase or sale of your French home, your holiday residence, a new build project or a leaseback investment, French legal procedures are significantly different from that in the U K and Ireland. There are many cautionary tales to be told as witnessed by newspaper article and television program alike. Whatever the nature of your intended transaction Corlegal ensure the protection of property buyers or seller's interests.

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